New! 31FC132 PRO Full Cabin Hits the Water


This new 31’ Full Cabin really hits on a lot of high notes for commercial operators no matter what field they serve. With a beam 12” wider than most vessels of its size it provides unmatched room and operational space for its crew. It also provides a safe platform to side tie with larger vessels for transferring crew members. Key design features shown below help achieve this.

With collars that are 24” longer and the engine taft rail installed the engines have a lot of protection when side tying to other boats.

Inside the boat you will find a very accommodating layout that can easily fit 10 adults.

The drivers and navigators seats feature the best from Shockwave Seats. they are bulkhead mounted and have the ability to flip the seat pan down for operations in a standing position or egress through the two large slider cabin doors.

As you transition into the cuddy you will find lots of spaces designed for gear storage, and a very accommodating bathroom location on the Port side of the boat.

The bow of the boat is specifically designed to accommodate passenger transitions onto larger boats. The large handrails were specifically located for personnel to have ample handholds while not blocking the operators eyesight when controlling the vessel. With the 12” larger beam, the gunnel flange depth was increased to allow easier transitions around the cabin of the boat.

Conclusion : This boat was designed to be the ultimate work boat for a variety of applications. Its foam collar offers safety, stability, and a soft side to interact with. The increased beam is immediately apparent with the added deck space, and wider flange for FWD egress around the cabin. Ergonomics and features make this boat perfect addition to any fleet.

Vessel Details:

Model Name——— 31FC132 PRO

Length —————- 31’

Beam —————— 10’

Weight ————— 10,500 lbs

Speed —————- 52+ mph

Engines ———— Twin Suzuki 350 Dual Prop’s

Fuel Capacity —— 200 Gallons